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Faucet and fixture

The popular trend among most design-conscious homeowners is to color-coordinated plumbing fixtures into a shared style. This is referred to by many plumbing-fixture manufacturers as "Ozone Park." The Ozone Park consists of a group of fixtures that contain a design element that is common to all of the rest. For example, the base of the toilet may share the same design as the pedestal supporting a lavatory. The shapes, style, layout, and color of fixtures are also tampered with and coordinated in order to make the bathroom appear less cluttered and more appealing.

Variations of Toilets

  • Two Piece Toilets: A tank, mounted high on the wall above the toilet, and a bowl bolted to the floor.
  • Closed Coupled Freestanding Toilet: A two piece toilet where the tank rests snugly upon the bowl.
  • One Piece Toilets: The tank and the bowl are united. They typically sport a lower profile and have an elaborate flush mechanism that produces a more quiet flush.

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