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Plumbing installation

Installing kitchen sink plumbing is not as difficult as you think.  You can find all of the necessary supplies at your local hardware store and will be able to find many useful tips both at the store and on the Internet. 

The question is how to install kitchen sink plumbing?  The answer is, are you installing a new sink or do you need to repair an existing sink.  If you are installing a new kitchen counter and purchased a new sink, there are a few things to do.  First, if you have purchased a granite countertop, you may want to have your installer precut the hole for you.  Most new kitchen sinks come with a template in order to cut the hole to fit the particular sink you have purchased.  If you purchased a counter or you feel comfortable cutting yourself, trace around the template and cut the hole out. Kitchen Sink Plumbing Installation Tips, Once the sink is positioned in the hole and properly sealed, you need to begin to connect the kitchen sink plumbing.  The first thing that you want to do is to replace or connect new pipes to your sink.