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Not properly aligning tubing into fittings or stop valves. (Forcing the nut onto the compression ring at an angle when the tubing is at an angle will cause a leak.)

When turning the water back on in your home, always run the outside hose valve or flush your toilets to bleed dirt and air from the lines. This debris can cause problems in your sink faucets and other plumbing trim.

When most of the water drains from the tank, the stopper drops back into place and the tank begins to refill, along with the bowl. The water level rises inside the tank until it reaches the float and lifts it high enough to shut off the fill valve. The next time the toilet is flushed, the water drains out, the float drops down and the fill valve opens and starts water flowing into the tank.

Because low flow toilets use less water, the pressure generated by gravity may be too low to purge the bowl. The force of the water is increased with a jet assist device. The jet assist blasts the water through the bowl, cleaning it while using less water.