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Consider that roughly two-thirds of a home’s annual energy use goes toward space and water heating, winter heating is responsible for sending nearly four tons of greenhouse gases into the air each month, and that as much as half of all the energy used in the home is wasted.
Efficient home heating is starting to sound pretty good about now, no? Heck, we haven’t even mentioned the political implications of heating oil. Below, we've compiled some tips to cheaper, greener home heating, all of which are driven by the two fundamentals of a tree hugging life -- being more efficient, using less, and doing it in style.

When choosing a new heating system, it is important to buy a product that offers the best possible quality/price ratio within the limits of your budget. Take into account all the costs of each system you are considering. These include:

  • equipment cost (purchase price)
  • installation cost
  • operating and maintenance costs